WAG 12 Trial Run 12000 HP Electric Locomotive in MSTS

wag 12 loco

WAG 12 Locomotive

WAG 12 (Wide/broad Gauge AC Electric Goods/freight, Class 12) is a three-phase twin-section electric freight locomotive consisting of two identical sections, each of which rests on two-axle bogies.

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The locomotive is being jointly developed by Alstom and Indian Railways and is the first locomotive of the Indian Railways that has a power output above 10,000 hp. With a power output of 12,000 hp, it is twice as powerful as its immediate predecessor WAG 9 and is one of the most powerful freight locomotives in the world, for more info read here.

wag 12 loco

WAG 12 Locomotive in MSTS

Indian Railways WAG 12, India’s first 12000 HP Electric locomotive, WAG 12 in MSTS open Rails, One of the RailFanning YouTube Channel GamerDesk Repainted this WAG 12 loco and made a trial run video, it goes viral into the Railfanning community in India.

Repainted WAG-12 loco is exactly matching the original Loco with a slight difference. The colours and texture were awesome and surprisingly the developers and loco designer also happy with this modifications. Thanks to “GamerDesk” for an awesome loco and video, download this loco and replace consists or you can watch the below video.

NOTE: You need to login into Trainsim.com to Download the WAG 12 Loco.

Download Alstom Loco

WAG-12 Trial Run 12000 HP Electric Locomotive on MSTS Open Rails Khandesh Route

Note: If you want to use this loco in your gameplay videos, please give proper Credits by adding this video link in your description.


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