pubg setup

HDMI Capture Card setup, Stream PUBG, BGMI, COD, FreeFire

This is the most reliable HDMI capture card setup to stream any Android game with a decent 1080p quality. There are many methods to stream PUBG mobile on YouTube from a PC, but you have to choose which one is best for you. However, you can try this FREE method of streaming without any investment. Okay, now I am going

stream bgmi with in game voice

How to Stream BGMI with In Game Voice for FREE

Stream BGMI through mirroring software with in-game voice chat without any extra investment. I have covered so many streaming methods of BGMI aka PUBG on my YouTube channel using MHL and non-MHL devices. Which offers decent streaming quality and of course you need to spend a few bucks to get the required accessories along with a capture card. Mirroring software