How to Stream BGMI with In Game Voice for FREE

Stream BGMI through mirroring software with in-game voice chat without any extra investment.

I have covered so many streaming methods of BGMI aka PUBG on my YouTube channel using MHL and non-MHL devices.

Which offers decent streaming quality and of course you need to spend a few bucks to get the required accessories along with a capture card.

Mirroring software to stream BGMI

When comes to screen mirroring software, there are a lot of options but none of them are free, so here we have a lifesaver ‘scrcpy’ free mirroring application.

scrcpy and sndcpy is a free and open-source screen mirroring application that allows mirroring your Android screen with audio for free.

With this app, you can stream BGMI with in-game voice chat without any investment using your favorite device.

“These application files were downloaded from GitHub and uploaded to my Google Drive”

Firstly, Download and Extract on your computer.

Ok, Now copy the sndcpy apk file to your smartphone, install and open it once to give the audio permission then close it after that.

Here is the important part, you need to enable ‘USB debugging’ to mirror the screen but some smartphones need additional access too.

Let’s take Redmi 8a as an example, enable the following developer options.

  • USB Debugging
  • Install via USB (requires internet to enable)
  • USB Debugging (security settings) – (requires an Mi account to enable)

We are done with the smartphone part.

BGMI Screen Mirroring

Connect the smartphone with the PC using a data cable and extract the files from the zip file to the new folder.

Now go to extracted files on your PC and run the ‘scrcpy’ application. The command window will open along with your smartphone screen window.

‘scrcpy’ command window will show you some details like the current resolution of your smartphone, the exact model of the device, etc.

Here is the interesting part, you can control your Android phone using a mouse and keyboard.

BGMI Audio Mirroring

Hold on, Before proceeding further, You need to install the VLC media player, I know you are already using it, then update it to the latest version from here.

Now it is time for audio mirroring…

Simply run the ‘sndcpy’ batch file and it will run some commands, after that it will say like…

” Press Enter once audio capture is authorized on the device to start playing…”

Immediately tap on popup “start now” on your smartphone and again press enter on sndcpy command window.

That’s it…

It will allow you to listen to BGMI game audio from your computer and also from your smartphone at the same time.

This means you can do in-game chat by using wired or wireless earphones, If you have a dedicated 3.5mm jack then use wired earphones.

For only Type-C smartphones use Bluetooth headphones.

Fun Fact: This is the only software/app which allows the audio output from both Android smartphones and PC at the same time while casting the phone screen.

OBS setup

Simply add your screen mirroring window through ‘Window Capture’ and add phone audio through ‘Audio Output Capture’ then select default audio driver.

Next, add a microphone source to chat with the YouTube live viewers.

That’s it, Done with the setup but don’t proceed without reading the important points.

Important things to know

Some smartphones may not support sndcpy/scrcpy due to the phone UI or security updates/features from the brand. (for example Oppo smartphones)

As I said, this is an open-source application which means it is not perfect and of course, compatibility issues are there.

  • Your smartphone will charge at a normal speed of 2.5watts via USB which gives an additional battery boost.
  • Maximize the mirroring window to get the maximum quality in OBS while streaming and recording.
  • Make sure the path of the VLC in the sndcpy Batch file is correct, right click on it>edit>paste the correct path of VLC.

Comment down your queries and share your streaming experience…

NOTE: This blog post is still not ready and I am going to add some known issues with images and will update this to make the content clear.

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