Indian Train Traveller Update All you Need to Know

indian train traveller

Indian Train Traveller Update

Indian Train Traveller Update: Highbrow Interactive: The paradise of Android Railway games has introduced one more game called INDIAN TRAIN TRAVELLER. It is a passenger oriented game and a train travel game.

Main Theme of the Game: A certain amount of game cash will be given to Gamer and gamer should wisely spend them to complete the travel missions without troubling from necessities like Food, Washroom, Purchasing Tickets etc. Indian Train Traveller Latest stable Update has been released on the Play store. Here Beta Apk is available download from below article link.

indian train traveller

Download Beta APK

Indian Train – Traveller

This is the first train travel game from Highbrow interactive, Indian Train Traveller update is the present version of this game. First of all watch the video given below, which shows you the main highlights, Gameplay of the latest update. Install the game from Play store. Find out How to play Train Traveller Game on PC right now.

Indian Train Traveller is one of the best train traveling game made by Highbrow interactive developers, they made eight train simulation games which gives you real train simulation experience with real-time traffic, passengers, etc.

Indian train simulatorIndian local train simulatorIndian train Traveller are the games made especially for the Indian train gaming community.

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Indian Train – Traveller Update

Highlights: New Route Vadodara to Rathlam, Bridge sounds fix, InTrain Indication and more, watch the below video.

Indian Train – Traveller Update

Highlights: Two Engines added WAP5/WDG4 and Two Routes Mumbai to Vadodara and Bangalore to Mumbai.

  • Two new engines added.
  • New weather and time added.
  • Interior quality improved.
  • People quality improved.
  • Tutorial Level added.
  • Minor bugs fixed

Indian Train – Traveller Update 1.0.4

Highlights: WAP-7 Engine added, LHB Shatabdi coach, ICF Blue coach, Mumbai-Vadodara route added…

  • New coach
  • Mumbai to Vadodara Route
  • Train waiting time before departure
  • Coach length options
  • Bridge sounds FIX
  • Opposite door option when in train
  • Curtain up and down button
  • Station vendor
  • Horn sound while entering and leaving stations
  • Train movement improvements
  • STORE and Other minor BUGS fixed

Indian Train Traveller Update 1.0.3

Highlights: Continue button issue fixed, Next to station issue fixed, Time increased, Other bugs fixed.

The Initial version of this game is 1.0.2, so far the game is good but some main features are going to be added, highbrow interactive developers said in future updates, they are adding a joystick to control the character and Free walk feature.

Description: Travel as a passenger on Indian trains. Keep an eye on your hunger, thirst and bladder levels. Travel from your current station to your target destination. Buy tickets at the counter, board the right train. Buy food and use the washroom when necessary. Do not run out of time or money.

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