Indian Train Simulator BETA Apk is Here with BONUS (UPDATED)

Indian Train Simulator is a train simulation and rail simulation game made by Highbrow interactive developers, it gives you real train simulation experience with real-time traffic, passengers, etc. These are the main Highbrow Interactive train games.

  • Indian Train-simulator
  • The Indian Local Train Simulator
  • Indian Train Traveller
  • Indonesian Train Simulator
  • Euro Train Simulator – Euro Train Simulator 2
  • Railroad crossing – Railroad crossing 2
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Highbrow Interactive Indian TrainSimulatorIndian local train simulatorIndian train Traveller are the games made especially for the Indian train lovers.

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Indian Train Simulator BETA Apk 2020.4.11

Indian Train-Simulator’s new version is 2020.4.11 with the new update. They added new routes, Engines, and multi-mode options which makes your gameplay so interesting.

Sadly All the beta programs of these games are full, So here we are providing the latest beta APK update for you, simply download and install. Now you can play this game with beta features.

Note: We Update this Article with the latest Beta APK whenever we get the Indian Train Simulator latest BETA Update. In the meantime watch the below video of ITS. Install this software to play Indian Train Simulator on PC.

Indian Local Train Simulator BETA Apk 2020.1.3 – New

Indian Local Train simulator Beta version 2020.1.3, in this train simulation game you can see all local trains. Local Train Simulator is another train simulation game from the house of “Highbrow Interactive”.

indian local train simulator

it packed with all the features which are available in the Indian TrainSimulator game, read this for more detailed information.

Note: We Update this Article with the latest Beta APK whenever we get the Indian Local Train Simulator latest BETA Update. In the meantime watch the below video of LTS

Indian Train Traveller BETA Apk

This is the first train travel game from Highbrow interactive. Indian Train Traveller update is the new version of this game.

indian train traveller

Indian Train Traveller BETA Apk is here, First of all, watch the video given below, which shows you the main highlights, Gameplay of the latest update. Install the Latest Beta Apk of Indian Train Traveller to get new features. Check ITT Article for more info.

Note: We Update this Article with the latest Beta APK whenever we get the Indian Train Traveller latest BETA Update. In the meantime watch the below video of ITT.

Euro Train Simulator 3.3 BETA Apk

Euro Train Simulator is the first in a planned series of high-quality, feature-rich railroad simulation games covering every major destination in the world.

In 3.3 version Featuring an intuitive, easy to use interface, the game lets users play Career Mode to accomplish each scenario and unlock new trains and routes.

Career accomplishments are featured on a leaderboard. On the other hand, Quick Mode lets you choose the train, route, source and destination stations, weather and the time of the day for the simulation.

Euro Train Simulator 2 – 2020.4.3 BETA Apk

Euro Train Simulator 2 is another realistic train simulation game from Highbrow Interactive, after the success of the Euro Train Simulator. Now you can install 2020.4.2.1 version High-Quality Euro Train Simulator 2 game from Play-Store.

Here we are sharing the latest version of this game which is a BETA version of APK. If you join in Beta program you can get early access to Beta version 1.8 of Euro Train sim. Download now from the below link.

Indonesian Train Simulator 2020.0.8 BETA Apk

Indonesian Train Simulator 2.3.7 is another high-quality train simulation game from the stable of Highbrow Interactive, the creators of the mega-successful “Euro Train Simulator” and the path-breaking “Indian Train-Simulator”. Indonesian Train simulator Beta Apk is here to play.

IndianTrain Simulator 2018 – FREE 1.16 BETA Apk (BONUS)

Indian Train Simulator 2018 – Free 1.16 is a highly realistic train simulator game. Enjoy the crowded Indian railway stations, loud train announcements, and busy rail tracks.

This game has been Modelled as close as possible to the real Indian Railway System. Download Indian Train Simulator 2018 free beta Apk.

The various train stations are stunning copies of the real Indian Railway stations! Indian Train Simulator 2018 – Free lets you drive through the detailed Indian train routes with bridges, advertisement boards, and food kiosks.

TrainZimulator 0.9.88 – BONUS – Exclusive APK

TrainZimulator Apk is here. Currently, this is not available in Playstore, maybe they removed or temporarily unpublished. But we are sharing the last known version 0.9.88 of this game. Play this game and comment your opinion.

Classic Train Simulator – Highbrow Interactive

Another train simulation game from Highbrow interactive where you can see old school classic trains with awesome graphics and rich texture.

Now the initial version has been released, just make a try by downloading from the below link. Classic steam era locomotives from Britain with classic modes, for more info.

Rail Crossing 1 and Rail Crossing 2 – Highbrow Interactive

Rail crossing 1 and Rail crossing 2 latest versions are available and it is the crossing game where you need to cross as many cars as you are required to within the allotted time, without getting hit by the trains.

Install from below available link and Rail Crossing 1 is may be removed or unpublished from play store by highbrow.

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Note: All these Beta Apk’s are 100% safe to download and install.

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