Indian Local Train Simulator Latest Update – Latest version 1.2.3

indian local train simulator

Indian Local Train Simulator Latest Update

Indian Local Train Simulator Latest Update is out now, Update your game from Google Play Store and get the latest features. After the huge success of Indian train simulator game, they launched this Indian local train simulator. This game is also like as Train simulator – Rail simulator and you can play this online like Indian Train simulator play online.

indian local train simulator

Download Beta APK 1.2.3

Indian Local Train Simulator is the train simulation game made by Highbrow interactive developers. They made eight train simulation games which give you real train simulation experience with real-time traffic, passengers etc.

Indian train simulatorIndian local train simulatorIndian train Traveller (train travel game) are the games made especially for the Indian train gaming community.

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Indian Local Train Simulator Latest Update 1.2.3 – NEW

Highlights: Weather and Time integration has been added, this is the most awaited feature that we are waiting for, now you can set your favourite weather and time as per your interest. watch the below video of a local train simulator latest update with major change.

Available Stations: Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus – Byculla – Dadar – Kurla – Ghatkopar – Thane – Dombivli – Kalyan and etc.

Indian Local Train Simulator Latest Update 1.1

Highlights: Chennai MRTS added from Tambaram to Chennai beach with 7 stations and version 1.2 is in the beta mode we will update you whenever it goes live.

Free cam cabin view, Dabbawala chants, Night view-Thunder storms, Ganesh Visarjan special, Track changing sounds, Noisy vendors, EMU shed with real-time traffic. Ladies coach added, Track maintenance mission, Rail roko protest etc… Watch below video and Trailer video for better practical understanding.

Indian Local Train Simulator Latest Update 1.0.2

Highlights: Cabin light added, Hanging Crowd added, Improved crowded stations, Improved real-time traffic, and minor bugs fixed.

Local Train Simulator is another one-of-a-kind of train simulation game from the house of “Highbrow Interactive”, the creators of the ground-breaking “Euro Train Simulator” and the chart-topping “Indian Train Simulator“.

Indian Local Train Simulator will boast all the features that helped “Indian Train Simulator” carve a niche for itself in the mobile simulation space and in turn gathering thousands of die-hard fans. This is the best local train games in the market also for an Android phone.

From track changing, fully functional signaling system, realistic and route-specific trains, passengers, varied weather options to complete control over settings, “Local Train Simulator” offers everything you have come to expect from a Highbrow Interactive simulation game and more. If you join Indan local train simulator beta program you can get an early update than usual.


1. Track Change: A fully realized track changing functionality has been implemented, as like Indian Train Simulator.

2. Signal: Fully functional signaling system has been brought into play. While waiting for the signal to turn Green, players will be able to see which other trains are currently occupying their path.

3. A Message System: It is in place to notify the user of every activity happening within the game, offering suggestions when deemed necessary to information about penalty and bonus. The categories are Speed, Station, Track Switch, Route, Signal.

4. Stations: The stations were designed to capture the feel of being in Mumbai local railway station from the kiosks to the advertisement boards, the attention to detail is extreme.

5. Train Interior: For the first time, you will be able to view the interior of the bogie with the passengers.

6. Camera angles: multiple and interesting camera angles have been provided: Driver, Cabin, Overhead, Bird’s Eye, Reverse, Signal, Orbit, and Passenger.

Indian Train Simulator for PC

How to play Indian train simulator game on pc! This software helps you to play android games on windows OS/android games on PC/laptop. This software gives you the same experience as you played different Indian railways games on android.

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