How to start a Blog

How to start a Blog?

This is the most asked question in our blogging community, but here I can’t answer in one line or in one sentence. There are a lot of things involved in this activity, so let’s start with the basics.

What are domain and hosting..!

How to start a Blog and Make money..!

I’m not going very deep, as you already know that domain is the web address and hosting is the storage space for your content.

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What domain should you choose!

Now the problem is How to choose and what to choose. A Domain selection process is the most important part but not that difficult.

First and foremost select your niche like Tech, Fashion, Sports, and also Micro Niches, then search for a relevant name that suits your Articles or you can Google it for domain name suggestions.

Prefer .com Extension for your domain if you are not decided on any extension yet. Google always prefer .com (commercial) extension to show up on google search results. so prefer .com, .org, .net.

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What host should you use?

Hosting selection is the most confusing part if you have watched so many youtube videos and read articles, it will blow your mind.

So I recommend this which I’m using right now for 4 years and decide how much hosting capacity you want, then plan accordingly.

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Watch the YouTube video tutorial to know more about Bluehost hosting plans, dashboard, and comment on youtube video if you have any doubts or you can email me directly to [email protected]

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