Frontier Pilot Simulator Steam KEY GIVEAWAY

April 2019 – ENDED on June 2019

Giveaway: Watch the Frontier Pilot Simulator Gameplay and Participate in the contest to win the free steam key of FPS. Thanks to RAZAR s.r.o for supplying keys.

About this Game: Frontier Pilot Simulator is a Sci-Fi cargo pilot sim, with an engaging emergent mission-driven storyline, with a real-time economy with free flight and trading, on an alien world to explore.

How to participate: Open this video on YouTube. comment on this video on YouTube, like, subscribe, share this video and keep the sharing screenshot to show us as proof.

Winner: Pradeep Talagama

The Frontier Pilot Simulator offers you to experience the futuristic and challenging way of cargo ships controlling.

The physic of the game builds this way that you would feel every kilo of the cargo, any change in wind direction, and geysers volcanoes emissions.

In addition, there is a wind map mode it will help you to catch a tailwind and find the safest way to fly through a storm.

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