How to get Google Adsense Approval Fast in 2020

How to get Google Adsense approval fast

How to get Google Adsense approval fast in 2020? Is your question so, here is my answer; yes you can fully approve your Google AdSense account with a basic website or a free Blogspot with dot tk domain. check my youtube channel for more videos. Let’s get to the point, Google Adsense is the most popular advertising network, it is easy to get approval but very hard to maintain. How? Why! let’s see.

UPDATE: Because of Google latest policy update this procedure may work or may not, so I’m updating this article with the new simple procedure, subscribe with your email and get notified when the new article goes live.

My Experience with Google Adsense

Now I have more than 10 fully approved AdSense account obviously those are maintained by our team members separately but I got approval with a trick which I am going to discuss with you, check AdSense policy first to know the terms and conditions…

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Google Adsense approval trick

So here is the simple procedure or you can say awesome approval “TRICK”, honestly there is no any hidden trick to get approval but there is a genuine, straight procedure is available to get approval. But now I will tell you how I approve my AdSense accounts.

google adsense approval Fast

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Important things to get Google Adsense Approval Fast

  1. You need a domain (free or paid) i.e. .com is paid domain and .tk is free domain from Freenom.
  2. Hosting (WordPress or Blogspot) i.e. WordPress is paid and Blogspot is free to use.
  3. Create 6 major pages (about us, contact us, disclaimer, privacy policy, terms of service, sitemap{optional}).
  4. Write more than 30 article with 350+ words per each article.
  5. And finally traffic generator (means sharing your articles).

Download Premium Template

Procedure to get fully Google Adsense Approval Fast account with WordPress

If you are able to buy Hosting(WordPress) and .com domain it is easy to get approval, simply create all pages clearly, publish more than 20 article with 500+ words per each. Next, apply for Adsense you can get approval within 7 working days.

Now I am sharing the main procedure to get approval from Adsense by using ‘FREE’ Blogspot and .tk domain.

Get Google Adsense Approval Fast with Blogspot and Dot tk domain

google adsense approval Fast

Just make a backup of 30+ Blogspot posts with more than 350+ words per each post, backup means publish 30 posts and make a backup of it, next register a free .tk domain from freenom and create a Blogspot blog, simply integrate the .tk domain to Blogspot blog, here important thing is choosing a domain name, choose a good name, not like funny, nonprofessional names, give the same name to your blog also. Watch the video to integrate .tk to Blogspot.

  • Now you have Blogspot blog integrated with .tk domain
  • Backup of 30+ posts also create major 6 pages (about us, contact us, disclaimer, privacy policy, terms of service, sitemap). If you don’t know how to create these pages, simply copy other site pages and edit it by placing your site details in it.
  • Choose a good Blogspot Template, Download.

Final step to get Google Adsense Approval Fast

Publish 30+ backup posts to the newly created blog which was integrated with .tk domain and also publish edited 6 major pages with good Blogspot template.

Note that publishing of posts, pages, blog, integration are must have happened on the same day. Now the total blog site is ready to apply for Adsense. Create a good looking professional Gmail id, verify with your mobile number and then apply to Google Adsense.

IMPORTANT step – you need to do one thing to get approval, driving unique traffic to your site is a most important step in this process, Simply share to your friends, use social media like facebook and twitter or you can use website to drive traffic by exchanging your sites. After that, you will get a mail from Adsense saying that your AdSense account is fully approved.(Google Adsense approval Fast)

Note: Don’t use easyhits4u traffic exchange after approval of Adsense, once you have approved account just leave it and do genuine blogging.

That’s it, I hope this article helps you, follow my instructions because this is my approval procedure to get AdSense account in 2018.

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    I have approved 2 adsense account with this trick in only 13 days.
    It is working fine for me.

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