How to Speed Up Your Computer – Windows 10

Computer running slow after windows 10 update

is your Computer running slow and freezing?

so, This is the time to speed up your computer with this simple procedure. Most of the people don’t know how to speed up the windows PC even after Windows 10 Update. This simple technique will help you to improve your PC speed and you have to follow these instructions clearly. let’s get into the subject. This is the proper way to clean up your computer or avoid freezing and slow while booting.

Follow this Procedure

Most of the time some services are started automatically in Windows 10, Windows 7, etc. A Computer running slow after windows 10 update because you are not giving enough time to settle up, that means, you have wait until it clear all the old things and make it a new piece. So the below procedure will help you to avoid computer running slow and freezing issues.

  • you need to clean PREFETCH files
  • clear the TEMP files
  • Clean the %TEMP% files
  • And Use CC cleaner to clean junk files
  • And again Use CC cleaner to clear Dead Registry Keys

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  • Msconfig settings to speed up computer BOOT Process
  • Malware bytes program to protect from Malware
  • Adwcleaner helps to clean your browser from malware and unwanted ads

Clear Explanation

Cleaning of Junk Files from your Computer

To improve your PC speed and increase the performance of your computer you need to clean your junk files, dead registry keys. for in-depth cleaning, follow these basic steps to avoid computer running slow after a windows update.

  1. Delete files in PREFETCH folder, Go to ” Run ” by clicking Windows+X in Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, then press R and Type PREFETCH hit enter and Delete all junk content.

computer running slow

2. Open CC cleaner click on ‘Run cleaner’ to clean junk and to identify dead Registry keys go to the Second option, Check for Dead Keys and delete to speed-up your running slow computer running slow

Main step – computer running slow windows 8

  1. These are the major steps to follow in order to increase performance, Control the BOOT time Process by going into ‘Run’ (win+R) and type ‘msconfig’ hit enter, then you can see like this.

computer running slow computer running slow

2. The Malwarebytes, a wonderful software to protect from malware, this is free software with premium features. Install and scan your computer then delete malware.

computer running slow

3. This is the interesting program that most of the people don’t know, i.e. Adwcleaner, this helps to clean your browsers junk and protect you from malware ads from the internet, have you observed! sometimes your browser search engine automatically changes and replaces with ask search, etc those are automatically added by malware programs, in this way you can protect your content from malware and increase the running slow

4. Finally, the best tip that I recommend to all PC users is to use any premium anti-virus software. Don’t use pirated premium software’s or patched, cracked software it may slow your computer, use only premium software’s like Kaspersky, Bitdefender.

That’s it and I update this post whenever I found any best method or the best way to speed up your computer and to improve performance. Lets us know your valuable feedback in the comments section & subscribe to our YouTube channel and share this article.