How to Customize Your Android Phone like a PRO

Best Android Launcher in 2017

Is it possible to customize your Android phone like Pixel XL using Nova launcher? (best Android launcher in 2017 if you don’t want to read this simply watch my tutorial below) Yes, you can customize your Android phone in different ways, this Android OS especially made for user-friendly lovers, you can change the Android launcher, so many apps available that make your phone look better, let’s get into the main subject. (best Android launcher in 2017).

best android launcher in 2017

You know that the best-paid and free Android launcher is still Nova Launcher, it comes with high level of customization and well optimized, which helps to run faster on your Android smartphones.

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NOVA Launcher setting

Now I will show you, how to change your Android home screen entirely with nova launcher by doing simple changes and settings, these are the best nova launcher setting that helps to make your Android smartphone faster. good news is the beta version is available for nova launcher users, so you can get faster updates and new features than a normal application. it fits all Android devices like a low-end and high-end, download links below.

Materialistik icon Pack

NOVA launcher Beta

Instructions (best android launcher in 2017)

Firstly add the Google bar at top of the home screen with date and weather, animation.

best android launcher in 2017

As you see in the image the Top bar, animation settings are below and the interesting thing is you can set separate wallpapers for every screen on your phone with an app, The app drawer animation setting as below.

best android launcher in 2017

Go to Nova launcher settings, and go to home setting>search bar then you can modify as shown in the image1 and I have an awesome collection of Icon Packs, look at the apps search on Playstore and widget drawers setting as shown in the image to get that animation.

Five Wallpaper

Five wallpapers app is live wallpaper app helps to customize your Android phone by setting separate wallpaper to each and every home screen on your Android, the best settings of five wallpapers as below.

best android launcher in 2017

You can set separate images, follow these instructions, go to wallpapers>select Live wallpaper>select Five wallpapers, watch this video for detail tutorial.

That’s it, Guys, this is the simple and easy way to Customise your Android smartphone. for more Tips and Tricks like this visit our YouTube channel and Subscribe our channel & Blog.

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