zoook a300

Zoook A300 Universal 3 in 1 to HDMI Adapter Cable

Zoook a300 Universal 3 in 1 cable is a life-saver of the Indian gaming community because, in the era of streaming, everybody is keen on high-end MHL smartphones. In fact, the Non-MHL budget smartphones can also be used for streaming and mirroring with the help of this Zoook Universal 3 in 1 cable. So without a delay let’s look upon

pubg setup

HDMI Capture Card setup, Stream PUBG, BGMI, COD, FreeFire

This is the most reliable HDMI capture card setup to stream any Android game with a decent 1080p quality. There are many methods to stream PUBG mobile on YouTube from a PC, but you have to choose which one is best for you. However, you can try this FREE method of streaming without any investment. Okay, now I am going

mhl supported smartphones

MHL Supported Smartphones List 2021

MHL-supported smartphones list as of today, Mobile High Definition Link is the old standard of getting display-out via MHL compatible smartphones/gadgets and embedded in Micro-USB. The term MHL is referred to as USB 3.1, which means you have to search for Type C 3.1 powered smartphones. MHL supported smartphones? How to check? The only way to check MHL (USB 3.1)

stream bgmi with in game voice

How to Stream BGMI with In Game Voice for FREE

Stream BGMI through mirroring software with in-game voice chat without any extra investment. I have covered so many streaming methods of BGMI aka PUBG on my YouTube channel using MHL and non-MHL devices. Which offers decent streaming quality and of course you need to spend a few bucks to get the required accessories along with a capture card. Mirroring software

best gaming tablet

Best Gaming Tablet in 2020 – Android & iOS

Best Gaming Tablet: Gaming on tablets has become more interesting, Nowadays gamers are preferring tablets over smartphones. Tablets with a bigger display (7″ to 11″) will give you an awesome experience when compared to smartphones. So, only a few tablets out there in the market right now. Undoubtedly you can’t get a perfect answer to the question “best gaming tablet”.

indian train simulator

Train Simulator Games List for Android – TOP 10

Train Simulator games or Train driving games, whatever we call, it’s a Train simulation game where we simulate the Train. If you are a Raifan definitely you are gonna like this for sure because we are sharing BETA apk’s for you so check this article and download. Train Simulator Games You can see a lot of train simulation games in

euro train simulator for pc

Euro Train Simulator Latest UPDATE is HERE – Highbrow Interactive

It is the first euro realistic train simulation game from Highbrow Interactive. They made so many Train simulation games like Euro train simulator 2, Local train simulator, Train Traveller, etc. Euro Train Simulator 3.3 Now you can install a High-Quality Euro Train Simulator game directly from Play-Store. Here we are sharing the latest version 3.3 of this game which is a BETA

euro train simulator 2

Euro Train Simulator 2 New Game from Highbrow Interactive

Euro Train Simulator 2 is another realistic train simulation game from Highbrow Interactive, after the success of the Euro Train Simulator. They made so many Train simulation games like Indian train simulator, Local train simulator, Train Traveller. Euro Train Simulator 2 Now you can install the High-Quality Euro TrainSimulator 2 game directly from Play-Store. Here we are sharing the latest version of