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YouTube Go Beta Version unreleased App review

YouTube Go Beta Version Demo, Watch Full Video Before Play

YouTube go beta version available in the play store, you can install and use it before officially releases, this YouTube go application helps a lot for low data speed users like 2G, slow 3G users, etc. and it is very fast and easy to use. YouTube go app interface is very similar to official main YouTube app. This app is not fully ready; lot more features, options is going to be added, expecting new options from it. (youtube go beta app)

The YouTube Main app is also giving you to live to stream, this option is displayed for all the channels that have verified their accounts, youtube go beta app.


youtube go beta app

Features of YouTube Go beta Version

โ€ข Save any YouTube video
โ€ข And you can send, receive via WiFi with your friends
โ€ข The main thing is you can watch the video without playing
โ€ข Easy interface

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youtube go beta app

Pros of this app (youtube go beta app)

You can find out which video to be watched before playing it because most of the videos doing click-bait things like there are showing wrong thumbnails and attract people to watch it. So this way you can save your time and data.

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