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WhatsApp Tips Tricks, Secrets of all Time [UPDATED]

Whatsapp tips tricks: Intro of Whatsapp: People these days use Whatsapp a lot. This is quite obvious, considering that Whatsapp is the most downloaded and used messaging app in the world. So since its launch in 2006, Whatsapp has been continuously emerging with new updates and features.

Some of these updates are actually very useful. So in this post, we will show you latest Whatsapp Tips Tricks, hidden secrets and important setting to do in Whatsapp app right now. Scroll down to get the most out of this article.

What is Beta Program in Whatsapp

In simple words, this beta version of Whatsapp app is only for testers and developers to test their newly updated featured application, but some of the app developers sharing their beta versions directly to the users by saying beta app, Look at the image below. Install Whatsapp beta version to get new features early before it officially releases. Sadly now the Beta program is Full.

whatsapp update

What is latest Whatsapp android application interface

The Interface of any app is not perpetual, earlier we have seen different patterns with different animations in Whatsapp. Now It has 4 columns, technically we can say 3, chats, status, calls (camera is excluded). These are the New features of Whatsapp.
camera: Just tap to photo and hold for video.
chats: Here, all the chats are available along with groups, sometimes its annoying to identify groups and chats when they use the same DP. yah, I already sent my feedback to Whatsapp to ad separate column for groups.
status: This is a new and trendy feature in Whatsapp, you can share photos, videos, gifs, text as a status update for 24hrs.
calls: It shows you call logs, yes you can clear it (Whatsapp tips tricks).

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whatsapp new interface

1. How to use Pin feature in Whatsapp tips tricks

Pin feature is nothing but pinning your chats/groups. You can pin your chats and groups at top of your chat section up to 3 (both chats & groups). It is really helpful to quick access to your important chats/groups. I pinned some of my main groups like family, friends because I use those groups frequently. This is one of the best features in Whatsapp new features 2018.

how to pin chats

2. How to add status properly text, gif, video, photo…

Whatsapp allows adding Gifs, videos, photos also text as your Whatsapp status update, which will be shown only for 24 hours starting from the posting time. To add status to your Whatsapp, click on the status column, you can see your display picture by saying tap to add a status update. so tap on that and camera will pops up, select the latest taken pictures, videos, gifs from there and swipe up for more media. Tap on the camera icon to add media directly.

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add status update

Now the main thing here is how to add text as Whatsapp status update, it is pretty simple, there is pen/pencil icon over camera icon, click on it to add text status, now you can add emojis and change backgrounds colour.

add text status in whatsapp

3. How can I delete posted or updated Whatsapp status update

To delete the Whatsapp status, tap on ‘My status‘ and you can see your post, so swipe up to see who saw your status, there is a delete icon available, click on it. but you cannot delete when you tap on three dots beside ‘My status’.

delete added status in whatsapp

4. How to mute the Whatsapp status (Whatsapp tips tricks)

Goto the status column, hold on the status to whom you want to stop coming on top of the list then tap on mute, when you mute someone status updates, it would not appear at the top of the status list. so it goes down, to unmute them scroll down, hold on and unmute.

mute whatsapp status

5. How to delete call history from Whatsapp calling

This is quite easy, goto calls column you can see three dots on top right corner tap on it and clear the call logs.

clear whatsaap calls

To delete the individual call history or log from Whatsapp video/voice calling history tap and hold on that log then you can see delete button in the top right corner, just press it.

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6. How to set up privacy settings for Whatsapp status updates

If you want to show your status updates only for a particular group or persons, then you can set up like this, only for my contacts, my contacts except for this persons and only share with specific persons.

add status privacy

7. How to create a new group, new broadcast and Whatsapp web, starred messages

simply you can create a group by tapping new group and add the members. when comes to broadcast, it is another option to send broadcasts messages to all the members at once like cricket updates, news etc. The main advantage of these broadcasts group is it does not reveal any identity of any member to anyone.

how create groups and star messages

Whatsapp web is like a access to use Whatsapp through your computer, you need to scan the QR-code with your mobile to share your account and it is a highly encrypted connection.
Starred messages are like saved messages, when you want to read that particular message anytime you can simply hold on it and star the message, later on, you can check the starred messages.

8. How to copy a link in Whatsapp, copy a message, forward message, reply to message.

whenever you find a link that you want to copy, hold on the link not on message, you can see popup indication saying link copied. There are some other options are also available when you are coping message (not link URL), there is a delete option, star option, copy option, reply and forward options are also available.

copy link in whatsapp

how to check who have seen your message in the group:
simply tap and hold on the message that you sent, click on three dots menu you can see ‘info‘ and ‘copy‘ options, click on info to check who have seen your message in your groups.

9. Mute a Contact/Group, Custom notifications and check number

Tap on that person’s chat, you can see his display picture along with some notification settings, change it as you preferred. Some details are also available in this place like Whatsapp number, his or her about, common group lists, block and report spam option.

add custom notifications

Same thing applicable to the groups also, open that group and mute it. When you tap on the three dots menu, you can find more options like below…

  • share this contact
  • edit contact
  • view in an Address book
  • verify security code.

security encryption in whatsapp


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