Whatsapp latest feature 2017, Status Feature Added UPDATE

whatsapp update

Whatsapp latest feature 2017 [UPDATE]

Whatsapp latest feature added to its beta version of Whatsapp, People these days use Whatsapp a lot. This is quite obvious, considering that Whatsapp is the most downloaded and used messaging app in the world. So since its launch in 2006, Whatsapp has been continuously evolving with new update features.

Some of these updates are actually very useful and come in handy while chatting. So in this post, we will show you latest update which was available in Beta versions of Whatsapp for both Android and IOS and may release officially very soon.

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What’s is Whatsapp latest feature

In simple words, this beta version Whatsapp app is only for testers and developers to test their newly updated featured application but some of the app developers sharing their beta versions directly to the users by saying beta version app, Look at the image below. Install Whatsapp beta version to get new features early before it officially releases and to do this go to PlayStore, search for Whatsapp, scroll down a bit you can find the label saying ‘become a beta tester‘ click on I’m in, then you will become a beta tester of Whatsapp.

whatsapp update

New Whatsapp latest Feature (status feature)

To get this feature or option install the Beta version of Whatsapp, this feature allows you to share your photos, videos, gifs, not text content, as your Whatsapp status, this option seems like Instagram stories and this Whatsapp status option has a privacy setting which gives you to privacy of sharing, the status will be cleared by Whatsapp in 24 hours.

whatsapp update

In the older version, you can see only three columns like this And now there are four columns camera, chats, status, call logs, WATCH THIS TUTORIAL.

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