Samsung NEW Smart Home Speaker Bixby is going to launch in 2018

samsung bixby smart speaker

Samsung Home Speaker Bixby

Amazon Echo, Apple Homepod & Google Home are the only competitors-market leaders in this segment of home speaker’s product to make the home smart, now finally Samsung (home speaker Bixby) make its move against these two big companies and going to launch smart home speaker which is powered by its Bixby software, this speaker is expected to arrive in early first half of 2018.

Samsung mobile president confirmed that the company was working on such smart home speakers, In October 2017 Samsung announced Bixby 2.0 and confirmed that they are bringing this Bixby feature to its smart home appliances.

samsung Bixby

Home Speaker Bixby

samsung Bixby voice software initially launched in galaxy s8 smartphone in high expectations, this Samsung Bixby speaker would put a direct competition to the existing companies, Amazon, Google & apple. In 2016 this smart home speaker industries crossed 720 million manufactures, as per the analysts predict reports say that at the end of 2021 it will become a 3.5 billion industry.

The pricing of this smart home speaker is expected to be at $200 dollars as reported by the Bloomberg, but the amazon echo only costs $99 dollars and apple Homepod costs $349, this speaker is roughly bigger than echo and smaller than Homepod.


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