How to create Privacy policy, Disclaimer, Terms of use Pages

make a website for adsense

 How to make a website for Adsense..?

Hey Buddy, I know you are new to blogging, you are here to know about the website’s major pages privacy policy, disclaimer, terms of service creation tools/generators. To get Adsense approval just make a website for Adsense or Make your site suitable for Adsense. I’m going to tell you the easiest way to create those pages which will be helpful to get Adsense approval” Watch Adsense FAQ Video “

How to make a website for Adsense

Yes, These pages are Important for every website/blog. According to the LAW, these are the mandatory pages(Privacy policy, Disclaimer) for any website. That’s why the most popular Ads provider i.e ‘Adsense‘ has made a rule that every site should have these pages to get Adsense approval. If you are planning to get hosting for a new blog, my suggestion for hosting is Bluehost, good response and best for everyone.

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How to Create Pages for New Blog

Now, the Newbies in the blogging industry are confused to create these pages. Let’s start, I will tell you the simple method to create a Privacy policy, Disclaimer, Terms of use, About us, Contact us pages…

I have come with two methods

  1. Create pages with generators. (Recommended)
  2. Copy pages from your same Niche site/Similar site. (easy method)

How to copy pages

The word ‘copy’ sounds bad but it doesn’t mean that what you are thinking. yes, it is safe to copy and this is the simple method for newbie bloggers. watch my tutorial for practical understanding, Before creating these pages you have to read Adsense policies first.

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Next, select the best site which suites to your site Niche like, if you have tech niche site so no problem you can check my pages. simply copy and replace my site name with your site name, that’s it you are good to go and publish it.

How to create Privacy Policy page (make a website for Adsense)

Privacy policy page is a most important page, Here is the tool to generate privacy policy. generally, you can specify your site policy, how you use visitor’s information, cookie’s, Google ads, CalOPPA some other stuff.

create terms of service

You can use any other tool to create this page but I choose this because it’s a free tool and no need any registration, signup or any other annoying things. Directly fill details and generate. Only few site’s offer this kind of services and it is very helpful. you can watch above tutorial for clear understanding.

Go to this link, Like in the image fill your details site name, email, put over18 click on create ‘privacy policy button’ and click on view, copy and paste into your blog.

create privacy policy

How to create Disclaimer page (make a website for Adsense)

Disclaimer page is the second most important page for every site and It is mainly created for site/blog’s security purposes, so you can tell people that you use this content, that content for that purposes and every visitor has to follow those conditions to access your content, Here is the tool to generate.

Fill out your details like I did in below image and click on the button ‘make my disclaimer’.

create disclaimer

How to create Terms of service/use page

Terms of service/use you can understand, the use of this page from the word ‘terms’, basically, this page indicates the terms, rules, conditions that you have made for the visitors to follow in the process of accessing/using your content, purchasing products, services. Like if you have registered for a site or services. Only this page contains all the details of account maintenance, copyright infringement etc.

Here is the tool, simply fill and generate

create terms of service

Create About us, Contact us, Sitemap page

These pages play an important role to get Adsense approval… why? how? and how to create this!

‘About us’, New bloggers don’t know the importance of this page, we are in the digital world, Nobody knows who you are and what you do, so that’s why this page is mandatory to express your self and about your site. The is an important page to make a website for Adsense. so make it simple don’t copy from other sites and write about your self, Achievements and more about the site.

Contact us‘ page is obviously a contact form available at blogger and contact form 7 plugin at WordPress. Blogspot>layout>add a gadget>more gadgets>and then add contact gadget.

Next optional page is sitemap, this is very useful to get google search ranking score. When your site has ranked keywords it becomes easy to get Adsense approval very fast. This way you can make your website eligible for Adsense. Generate a sitemap for Blogspot site.

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