Fasboot Problems XIAOMI Mobiles and their Solutions (GUIDE)

fastboot problems in xiaomi

Fastboot Problems Xiaomi Mobiles

Xiaomi mobiles are the largest sold mobiles in the world next to Apple and Samsung (Fastboot problems Xiaomi) Unlike other mobile manufacturers Xiaomi mobile provides a dynamic service of its own modified Android interface MIUI. Unsurprisingly it resembles a bit of IOS shape in android. MIUI Roms are available in three types-Alpha, Beta and Stable[(Global and China)-diversified due to Google Services availability in China].

Since Xiaomi has MIUI, it is providing updates for (a)Alpha(nightly), (b)Beta(Weekly), (c)Stable(monthly) as per its own given periodicity. Due to this dynamism in alpha and beta versions(testing), it is bug-prone. Some bugs cause the fastboot problems Xiaomi, where mobile displays Mi logo and doesn’t move on (or) stuck at that point. Main Reasons for Fastboot problem are

Errors During Updation of Software

(A)Recovery Mode:- While updating the software, the booting process shouldn’t be stalled. If it is stalled, then it will be tough for a system to boot and operate.

(B)Fastboot Mode:- It is the toughest method to update software, which requires a PC and some technical knowledge. For non-technical people, due to lack of proper knowledge and process, errors cause fastboot problems xiaomi.

Power Fluctuation

Usage of Mobile at low battery levels causes a lot of radiation, since the power supply from the battery may not be enough to operate at a comfortable level. It even consumes more energy while connected to power supply devices. Since machine language is in 0s and is supported by electricity, fluctuation in power may corrupt the operating System.

Tip: Don’t discharge your mobile battery below 30%, charge it periodically, it helps to increase your battery life cycle.

Over Heating of Mobile

Since many of the Smartphone users are indulged in social networking and gaming, which leads to high-level usage of RAM and Processors which eventually emits a lot of heat than normal usage. Due to the high level of usage overheating do eventually results in making software imbalanced as it may affect motherboard.

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Solution for Fastboot Problems Xiaomi

This is a chronological Process and need to be followed step by step as said

  1. Recruit all the required stuff-PC, affected mobile, USB, Mi flash tool software in PC and good internet Connection.

2. Connect the fastboot problem xiaomi mobile and PC with USB cable.

fastboot problems in xiaomi

3. Download Fastboot ROM package corresponding to your Mi device model, make sure you grabbed the correct package for your phone.
p.s:– do not forget to check if the ROM file suffix is “.tgz” and if it is “.gz“, please rename
it to “.tgz” – the file size is quite large so you better use your favorite download manager.

4. Now you need to extract the newly downloaded MIUI Fastboot ROM package .tgz file using WinRAR. Make sure you extract its content to root on your computer’s drive and do not extract it inside a folder. That’s to make sure the files inside the content can be easily accessible later. For example, extract it to drive D:\ or drive E:\ (drive C:\ is for Windows system, so you better not extract it there).
Once extracted, you’ll then get a folder named like this (example Global version):
or this for Chinese version:

5. Launch up MiFlash.exe to open Mi Flash tool you’ve downloaded earlier in Step 2. The file is usually located at- C:\Program Files\Xiaomi\MiPhone or if in the x64 machine it is located at- C:\Program Files (x86)\Xiaomi\MiPhone, Right-click on it and choose Run as Administrator. ” Download link “.fastboot problems in xiaomi

6. Click the Browse button and look for the location of where you’ve extracted the MIUI Fastboot ROM file, choose folder images then hit the OK button.fastboot problems in xiaomi

7. It will then look like below. Now click on the little arrow next to the Browse button (see picture) then click Advanced. (fastboot problems xiaomi)fastboot problems in xiaomi

8. A dialog box will open. Now you have to click the Browse button in the Fastboot Script. Browse to the location you’ve extracted the MIUI ROM Fastboot file again and select the flash_all.bat file following by clicking the OK button. For your information, this script will wipe all your phone’s files including all of your data and it will do a clean install. Also, do not and never alter/change any other settings, just leave it as it is.      fastboot problems in xiaomi fastboot problems in xiaomi

9. Next, you’ll need to connect your Xiaomi device/phone to computer. But first, you have to make it enter Fastboot mode. Achieving that is easy, simply grab your phone and press the Volume down (-) button and Power button altogether at the same time. Hold your pressing until your phone restarting and entering Fastboot mode. You are doing that successfully if you’ve seen the Fastboot logo on your phone’s screen.

10. Now connect your phone which is in Fastboot mode to the computer using its USB cable.

11. Back to the MiFlash tool you’ve set up earlier. Click the Refresh button and the tool will detect your phone.                                                                                                    fastboot problems in xiaomi

12. Once the MiFlash tool can detect your phone, click the Flash button to start flashing the MIUI ROM Fastboot file to your phone. (fastboot problems xiaomi) Make sure you see the message saying “The operation completed successfully. (0x00000000;)” once it done:fastboot problems in xiaomi fastboot problems in xiaomi

13. Ok so now you’ve flashed the MIUI ROM and now your phone will restart. At this point, you can disconnect your phone from the computer and wait till your phone reboot and restart completely. Just keep in mind that initial booting process may take a long time so do not panic and just wait till it fully boots.Voila! your phone is now turned on and booted into the newly installed MIUI ROM. Installing MIUI via Fastboot is wiping all your phone’s data so it will be like a brand new phone. Hence you have to set up your phone from the basic, just take it as a new phone. (fastboot problems xiaomi)Congratulation and enjoy using your phone with brand new MIUI system.p.p.s: If you flashed MIUI Stable China build then most likely you don’t have Play Store installed.


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