How to Bypass JIO 1GB Limit and Increase Speed TRICK

bypass jio1gb

How to Bypass JIO 1GB Limit and Get Speed

Here I came with another awesome TRICK (bypass jio 1gb) to increase the speed of your JIO sim internet, Now the JIO sim’s daily limit is 1GB per 24hours(1 day), everybody needs at least more than that to stream YouTube Videos. Nowadays most of the people are using youtube, so I have a Youtube channel, recently uploaded a video about this TRICK check it out.(bypass jio 1gb)

Here is the TRICK to increase the Speed of INTERNET and Stability…

There are two methods to increase speed of JIO sim

  1. VPN server.
  2. Remove JIO sim and reboot Method let’s go into detail.

bypass jio1gb


First Method: 1

  • VPN helps to increase the speed of your data connection.
  • Use Germany and US servers to increase JIO speed.
  • Some of the VPN apps that I recommend is OPERA free VPN application, and some other any VPN app but data is limited to 500MB for a month.

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Second Method: 2

  • When You completed the JIO 1Gb limit, switch off your phone and Remove JIO Sim.
  • Then don’t insert JIO sim and switch on the mobile.
  • Directly go to Setting>Apps> all Jio apps, separately like JIO net, JIO cinema etc.
  • And Clear the data & Cache of all JIO apps that you have installed on your mobile.
  • Then switch off>insert JIO sim, switch on the mobile and enjoy you HIGH-speed internet again.

bypass jio1gb

That’s it, very simple trick, try both definitely works, if you have any queries comment below…

Watch this Tutorial


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