Bluestacks 2 review, GamePlay and Working on windows 7, 8.1

bluestacks 2 review

What is Bluestacks 2!

Bluestacks 2 Review: Bluestacks 2 introduced after success of Bluestacks 1, In case if you don’t know what is Bluestacks, it is an emulator which helps to run Android APK applications both games and apps, in earlier stage the Bluestacks 1 works great and runs almost all the games and apps, to make it much efficient and accurate in terms of graphics and they introduced the new update of Bluestacks for high-end PC’s that is Bluestacks 2.

My Experience in windows 8.1 pro and Windows 7. 64bit

I have installed Bluestacks 1 on my windows 8.1 pro and I made a tutorial, which was working flawlessly on my PC. After that, a new version came as Bluestacks 2 and I replaced it, that time I am using windows 7 (here is the tutorial) both versions works fantastic and I observed huge improvement in Bluestacks 2 so here is my Bluestacks 2 review.

If you have low-end PC like a dual-core processor, 4GB ram or 2GB ram or for occasional use you can download Bluestacks 1 (old version) by this link here.

Minimum Required Configuration to Run Bluestacks 2

You already know that Bluestacks 1 is working great on PC, but this Bluestacks 2 requires some additional upgrade to get the best performance and gaming experience, that is mainly in terms of ram management, you must have 8 GB ram (Recommended) because it consumes more ram to run Android SDK, to enjoy the best experience, if you have 4gb ram no problem, it also works fine and performs well. Click on the image and download the game, Enjoy these FREE Bluestacks Games.

Minimum requirements for Bluestacks

Note: if you have a low-end pc configuration or you want to use the lite version of Bluestacks then go to this site, you can see older versions of it, simply download Bluestacks old version (13.96mb).

Bluestacks Old version

How to FIX Bluestacks Errors and Restart Engine Error

You can use this Bluestacks emulator as same as your Android phone with your own customization. so, I have installed Nova launcher and some games, you can use keyboard and controller to control keys while playing games. If you are facing any issues or errors while installing Bluestacks 2, just install Direct X or .net framework to solve the issues. This is the best alternative platform to play android games on PC. Here are the tutorial and review in Windows 7 and also in windows 8.1.

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Bluestacks 2 review 2016, gameplay and working on windows 7

Bluestacks REVIEW & working on windows8 8.1 pro

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