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Hi Friends,

I’m Iliyas, Who is passionate about Technical World and Exploring the world through internet.

I am a Gadget junky, Tech Enthusiast, Youtuber, Blogger, MBA Professional other than that I’m Telugu short film director (made a couple of short films). since the latest technology(Gadget industry) came into presence, I am become more enthusiast to play with Gadgets and new stuff and I learned so much from YouTube and Google, all I have in my mind is happened by my self-learning capabilities. so i want to share my knowledge to all the people who need it.

Technoiliyas YouTube channel

Techno Iliyas is my YouTube Channel which is started in 2013 and I seriously started from 2017 Jan 1, I am interested to know tech, passion about the tech and Then I learned so much from the Internet especially from YouTube, I created a YouTube channel called technoiliyas, later I decided to start blog on this TECH niche. This way I started this blog and I learned the actual way to earn money from the internet. That’s why I want to share my knowledge with you guys through this channels and blogs. Check MY YouTube Channels HERE, you can Find Awesome content about Tech, online earning, Fun Talks. Finally, SUBSCRIBE.

About Technoiliyas.com

TechnoIliyas is my first Blog which is in TECH niche, where you can find all the Tips, Tricks, Tutorials that helps you in a practical way, also Expert in SEO, we provide daily Tech News, tricks to enhance your computer, Updates related to Android (rooting, ROM flashing etc), apps and games, Affiliate Marketing, Reviews.

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“If You Have More Than You Need, Share it with Those Who Need it Most”

Sandeep Maheshwari